Xmas Dinner 2010

Last year’s Xmas Dinner seems like yesterday: it may come as a surprise that not only is the next grading on Sunday, December 5th, but it is to be followed by the time-honoured tradition of the Carisma Xmas Dinner.

This year’s dinner will take place at the CB2 Bistro, on 1 Norfolk Street. We have reserved a private room just for us.

Places are available now, for the princely sum of £18.95 (drinks are charged separately on the day). We’ll be taking names & collecting a non refundable deposit at all training sessions until Thursday 3 December.

To use a sentence used last year by Wez: this is a once-a-year opportunity to change the colour of your belt twice in one day – once in recognition of the effort and commitment you have put into training with Carisma, and once in recognition of the vibrantly coloured food you have spilled down yourself.

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