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CARISMA recently commissioned the production of a short clip that represents the essence of its training and spirit. BCTODAY, a professional agency specialized in video production based in Turin (Italy) was selected for this job given the professional experience I had with them during one of my previous jobs.

The result is stunning and I am very pleased of it.  Any comment to this post will be highly appreciated.

Many thanks from me personally and on behalf of the whole club for the effort and hard work all members put in this project.  Special thanks to Piero Masi (cameraman) and Stefano Giovannini (director of photography who actually did the filming following Piero’s suggestions) who flew to Cambridge for a day, spent many hours in Adembrooks hospital as Piero’s suffered of a kidney colic in the middle of the night and still managed to deliver some amazing work. Also a big thank to Emanuele Mercadante for the great editing work.

7 thoughts on “CARISMA official video

  1. Excellent quality!
    If I wasn’t already a Carisma member I would like to be.

  2. great video 🙂
    i am definatly going to try and make it to the beginners course.

  3. Hello Massimo, hello Carisma-Team

    Hope you are all doing well.

    I have checked the official-video..I must say: like the club CARISMA..the video rocks!! Good job :).

    Thank you for the great time and super lessons.

    Kind regards
    From Switzerland
    Giuseppe 😉

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