Varsity 2012: winners!

(L to R) Front Row: Daphne, Cenan, Isaac, Omar; Mid Row: Alex K., Tim, Konstantin; Back Row: Heley (Varsity Coach), Alex E., Massimo (Head Coach), Ollie

Cambridge University Kickboxing Society won yesterday the 5th Kickboxing Varsity match vs. Oxford University Kickboxing Club for a final result of 5-4!

Here is the final fight card with the winners:

Club Fighter Club Fighter Winner
CU Cenan Djenan vs. OX Ben Todd Cenan
CU Daphne Tsalli vs. OX Leah Atherton Daphne
CU Tim Williamson vs. OX Salomon Roberts Salomon
CU Konstantin Semeniuk vs. OX Pawel Grzechnik Konstantin
CU Ollie Osunkunle vs. OX Chris Hinchcliffe Chris
CU Alex Kaus vs. OX Felix Brown Alex
CU Isaac vs. OX Dan Osborne Dan
CU Alex Elliott vs. OX Alistair Mitchell Alex
CU Omar Hussien vs. OX Stefane Roux Stefane

I was proud of the final result although the Oxford athletes performed well and in this occasion demonstrated a distinct improvement of their technique pushing our athletes into some seriously tough fights.

It was a pleasure finishing the day in a very friendly way with the whole Oxford team and good part of our fighters at a local bar for some well deserved beers.

More details, videos, pictures and so on will follow in the next few days.

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