Great opportunity from Core Cambridge

Core Cambridge is an organization specialized in sport performance that has recently helped our instructors to refresh our toolkit of warm up excercises.  They are in the process of setting up a new injury clinic.  They need some volunteers to help them to fine tune it for launch.   Anybody interested in receiving a free one hour injury treatment/advice (or sports massage session) at their centre in exchange for critical feedback should Email Dan Coley (dan <at>

Dan Coley’s comments about this opportunity are:

Our initial trial of the techniques generated outstanding results –  and we now have a number of specialist doctors who are referring to us as a result – and client’s family members who drive from as far away as Basingstoke and Bristol(!) for treatment.

There is one main reason why we think we can offer something better than the alternatives : unless your pain/injury is the result of a collision or accident, then it usually down to a combination of:

  • poor postural alignment
  • muscle imbalances around a joint
  • poor movement patterns
  • lack of specific strength

Whilst hands-on therapy techniques help you to become pain free, they often only address the symptom of the problem – the pain itself. The bit that’s missing in most people’s treatment is that what you actually need once the initial pain is gone is carefully prescribed corrective exercise to help you to address the root cause of the problem. When you receive that, your pain goes away – and stays away.  If you only receive the first part (if you need it at all!) then you only have half of the solution.

Consequently, we’ve recruited some awesome therapists who can carry the hands on treatment, and have been training our expert coaching staff in corrective exercise techniques to handle the rehabilitation stages and have put a methodology in place to seamlessly transition between them. Our treatment rooms are all up and running too (it’s true – there’s photos on the website and everything…)

On the sports massage front – I’ve been asking some of our most-hard-to-please clients to try it out, and every single one has been impressed (albeit grudgingly in at least one case =) – but that’s because there’s a genuine difference between our degree qualified staff and their full arsenal of techniques, mobilisations etc. versus the usual sports massage therapist qualifications etc“.

Just the first 100 applicant will benefit from this amazing apportunity so if interested please hurry up!