Rain? No problem!

So far we have been lucky this summer: as usual all Sundays of July and August we (try to) train outdoor.  Historically we managed to get about 5-6 out of 8-9 Sundays in any given year.  Summer 2010 has been good and we managed to get all Sundays outdoor this year.

Yesterday lesson was no different if not that at about 6 o’clock it started raining.  It was obviously too late traying relocating the lesson and, at the same time, the 9 CARISMA members at the lesson seemed so focussed on their training that they carried on kicking each other; luckily within less that 10 few minutes it stopped.  See them in this clip as they are training while rain is pooring down:

Toward the end of the lesson the sun came out so the lesson completed with and nice and relaxing conditioning training 🙂 of which you can see a simple example from Heley and Aaron: