Recruitment for Town vs. Gown 2012 closing soon

We are happy to announce that the minimum number of 20 candidates for the second Town vs. Gown Kickboxing tournament has recently been achieved.

Nonetheless we would like to have more members of the university clubs to increase the Gown aspect of the show.  We would like to stress that this is a great opportunity for all members of all clubs at any level of fitness and experience to try their first fight in a friendly and safe environment where all fighters are well known members of the three clubs.

Please Email Massimo (replacing <at> with @ before sending), no later than Tues 31 Friday 20 January 2012, indicating the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Weight (that will have to be the same weight on the day of the fight)
  • Years (months) of experience in Kickboxing
  • Years (months) of experience in other martial arts
  • Number of fights to date

Please invite all of your friends to the fight by advertising this Facebook Event. Spectators will pay £5 upfront or £8 at the door.

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