Martial Arts

Many people will give you several different definitions of what martial arts are. Generally speaking martial arts are the “Arts of Mars”: Mars, according to the Greek mythology, is the god of war: the term martial art can be therefore associated to any set of techniques used in fighting. We can include in these fencing, wrestling, boxing and other well-known disciplines. Historically, while the armies in the western part of the world where getting more and more powerful by increasing the use of fire weapons, in the far east countries this kind of techniques got developed in great depth, paying particular attention to bare hand fight. The enormous variety of techniques and styles put in minority the western martial arts and very often with this term we just refer to the far eastern ones.

What are martial arts?

Martial arts are sets of positions and techniques that teach to an individual a WAY of improving him/herself. It is important to consider the art aspect of it. Every individual will learn and implement each technique in a slightly different way due to various reasons: different shape, level of fitness, flexibility, or age. The WAY shows how implement the various techniques in the most efficient manner, in terms of getting the best result with the minimum effort. A martial artist is a fit, well coordinated and quick-moving person.

Why martial arts?

Practice of a martial art aims to improve harmony between body and mind. People become more aware of what their body can do and they also improve their overall fitness level and motion co-ordination. Regular training helps, in the medium term, to substantially improve stamina, flexibility and overall well being.

Who can practice martial arts?

Anybody can start and practice martial arts: age or sex do not create any impediment. Constant and continuous training help the body to gradually build up the characteristics already in every body, but hidden more in some individuals than in others.