Yellow Belt Grading

From 9 to 8 Kyu (White -> Yellow belt)

Minimum time before grading: 36 hours. Before checking the technical aspect of the grading please have a look at the extra rules and hints page.

The student must be able to explain in detail every technique, block, stance and guard that is part of this grading program

  1. Kicking techniques in front stand
    • Front kick with back leg
    • Round kick with back leg
    • External crescent kick with back leg
    • Internal crescent kick with back leg
  2. Positions and guards
    • Front position
    • Front guard
  3. Punching techniques
    • Jab
    • Cross
    • Back fist with front hand
    • Back fist with back hand
  4. Movements
    • Stepping forward in front position
  5. Blocks (followed by cross punch counter attack)
    • Open hand block (high and low level)
  6. Fitness
    • 10 press ups
    • 30 abs
  7. Other
    • Uniform
    • Belt knot


Every technique is to be done on the spot.