Green Belt Grading

From 6 to 5 Kyu (Second Orange belt -> Green belt)

Minimum time before grading: 36 hours. Before checking the technical aspect of the grading please have a look at the extra rules and hints page.

The student must be able to explain in detail every technique, block, stance and guard that is part of this grading program

Every technique from previous grading, stepping forwards and backwards

  1. Kicking techniques in the positions previously studied, both stepping forward and sliding
    • Internal crescent kick with back leg
    • Side kick with back leg
    • Hook kick with back leg
    • The above techniques using the front leg
  2. Positions and guards
    • Shifting weight between positions
  3. Punching techniques in side/front stand stepping forwards
    • Knife hand with back hand
    • Hook with back hand
    • Hook with front hand
    • Uppercut with back hand
    • Uppercut with front hand
  4. Arm combinations – different arms
    • Jab-Cross
    • Jab-hook
    • Hook-hook
  5. Kick combinations – different legs
    • Front kick + round kick
    • Front kick + side kick
    • Front kick + hook kick
  6. Blocks (stepping backward in front and side position)
    • Internal deflecting block
    • External deflecting block
  7. Fitness
    • 25 (or 15+15) press ups
    • 60 abs
  8. Other
    • Uniform
    • Belt knot