Blue Second Belt Grading

From 3 to 2 Kyu (Blue belt -> Second blue belt)

Minimum time before grading: 70 hours. Apart from the minimum training time stated above the student has to demonstrate an impeccable training record and outstanding performance during the last three to six months before the grading test. This is to avoid a situation when a student practices for several months after the previous grading (say about 10-11 months after 3 Kyu), for whatever reason stops training for six months or a year, then he/she comes back and pretends, after a month or two, to be graded for the next grade.

Before checking the technical aspect of the grading please have a look at the extra rules and hints page.

The student must be able to explain in detail every technique, block, stance and guard that is part of this grading program

Every technique from previous grading


  1. Kicking techniques in the positions previously studied, both stepping forward and sliding
    • Jumping side kick, front and back leg
    • Jumping spinning back side kick
    • Jumping round kick, front and back leg
    • Jumping spinning back round kick
  2. Kick combinations – Different legs
    • Round kick – spinning back hook kick
    • Side kick – spinning back side kick
    • Side kick – spinning back hook kick
    • Front kick – spinning back external crescent kick
  3. Kick combinations – Same leg
    • Round kick – side – round (high-medium-high)
    • Hook kick – round kick – side kick
    • Spinning back hook – round kick
  4. Blocks (stepping backward in front and side position)
    • Open hand block followed by any spinning back kick
    • External elbow block followed by any spinning back kick
  5. Fitness
    • 50 (or 30+25) press ups
    • 90 abs


  6. Sweeping techniques
    • Side internal sweeping, followed by eirther hook or uppercut
    • Side external sweeping followed by side or round kick
  7. Arm techniques
    • Combinations of hooks
    • Combinations of uppercuts
    • Combinations of jab – cross – back fist (front and spinning back)
  8. Mixed combinations
    • Jab – cross – low deviating block – internal crescent – spinning back axe
    • Hook – hook -external block followed by either of: side kick front leg, hook kick front leg, axe kick front leg
    • Open hand block followed by either of: round kick front leg, side kick front leg, spinning back hook kick, spining back side kick
  9. Sparring against an opponent (semi and light contact style)
  10. Declared sparringTHEORETICAL PREPARATION
  11. Knowlegde of sport rules for semi and light contact
  12. Other
    • Uniform
    • Belt knot