Grading – fees

Following the committee meetings at the end of last year, discussing CARISMA’s finances, the committee voted to introduce grading fees from the new year. The cost per grading will increase with grade, with the breakdown of costs as follows:

• The first three gradings (white to yellow, yellow to orange, and orange to orange 2nd belt) will be priced at £10
• The next three (orange 2nd to green, green to green 2nd, and green 2nd to blue belt) will cost £20
• The last three (blue to blue 2nd, blue 2nd to brown, and brown to black belt) will cost £30

If someone takes a double grading (for example, going straight from yellow to orange second, or orange to green belt), they would only pay a single fee relative to the final grade attained (so, £10 in the first example and £20 in the second). Most other martial arts clubs charge similar or higher fees, and CARISMA remains an extremely
competitively priced club. The grading fees will apply from the next grading (March 2009).

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