Competition in Thurston Mar 2009

9 fighters, between CARISMA, CUKBS and ARUKBC, participated in a Light Contact Competition organized by Pete Dunnet and the Combat Academy Kickboxing in Thurston (near Bury St. Edmund, Suffolk).

The overall results are extremely encouraging:

Andrea Cristofaro(*): second
Andrew Gillham: winner
Carlos Virvez(*): second
Heidi Holmes: winner
Ian Chau: second
James Waddell: winner
Nas Salmi(*): second
Robin Turner: second
Sam Goldsheider: second

(*) people at their first kickboxing competition

CARISMA fighters showed once more to have a distinct style, good technique and all those qualities that a martial artist should have by definition: even those at their first experience entered competently the tournament and stood their ground with good performance.

Please have a look at the videos:

Andrea Cristofaro

Andrew Gilham

Carlos Virvez

Heidi Holmes

Ian Chau

James Waddell

Nas Salmi

Robin Turner

Sam GoldScheider

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