Competition in Bury St.Edmunds – September 2012

As we need to weigh in between 9:30 and 10am I would suggest to leave at 8:30 (sharp) from the club’s registered address, 222 Histon Road cb4 3hj. In case of any problem please ring me on 07879 610111.

We need more cars please, none of the fighter apart from Alan (to the best of knowledge) has a car so it would be great if we could get some spectators, best if with own car so they can carry some of the people. I would prefer to leave the only car we have to my family so if there are 1-2 cars please let me know.

Fighters must have a full kit of pads: mouth guard, 10oz Gloves with hand wraps, separate foot pads that covers toes and hills, shin guard, groin guard CARISMA T-Shirt (or a plain black) and long black trousers. We have a couple of head guards that you can borrow.

Please make sure you bring a towel, change of clothes and a bottle of water. Usually snacks are available of side but bring your onw food and avoid eating or drinking excessively both Friday and Saturday to be in best shape.

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