Club finances

The committee has been reviewing the club’s finances recently, and Carisma is overall doing very well. We are growing, slowly but steadily, and each beginners’ course brings new regular members. The existing members have been progressing well by regularly grading to higher belts and we have now 5 black belts, 2 brown, several blue and an interesting number of other medium and beginners ranks.

Our main cost centres, Kelsey Kerridge and Manor Community College, increase their rental fees on an annual basis and since October we increased the training schedule by extending our Monday lesson by an hour. In order to face these raising costs, we are pushed to increase our monthly fees by £2, starting from February 1st 2009:

We would like to invite everybody who pays by standing order to adjust their payment, starting from February, and to ensure that the payment is made on the first day of the month so it reaches us within a few days.

We thank all of our members for the continuous effort and support given to the club that keeps growing stronger, year after year.

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