We are a thriving martial arts club that trains in the city centre of Cambridge (CAMBS, UK): established in 1999 we have been growing both numerically and technically since.  Given the great amount of success of our classes we are often near to saturation point and unable to accept new students that would like to join us.  If you are one of them please check our joining page and schedule page for more information.

We specialize in Kickboxing , also known as American Kickboxing, that has similarities with many other martial arts while it adopts distinct rules for sport competitions.  While we consider Kickboxing a great foundation for fighting and fitness we are aware of the intrinsic limitations of its sport rules: therefore we are also training Multicombat and techniques from other martial arts to instill awareness of what other styles look like and to avoid being too specialized in a single style.

We are training 4 times per week, offering great flexibility for busy students and young professional people that represent a large proportion of our members.  We encourage all members to get totally involved with the club’s activities, training in our friendly, relaxed and disciplined environment.  We like to think that our complete and extensive training methodologies are helping everybody to improve themselves in the areas of their life they would like to focus on and to leave out of the door the stress caused by work or study commitments.

If you would like to know what things we do at CARISMA and how we do them please visit the overview about the club and kickboxing page and multicombat page. If you would like to know about our forthcoming events organized by the club please visit the events page. It might also be a good idea to have a look at our Constitution.

If there is something you cannot find in the above pages you could have a look at the frequently asked questions page or Email your question to us.

CARISMA is also linked to Another Way Kickboxing team of Piacenza (Italy) where master Davide Bottini, one of the pioneers who introduced Kickboxing in Italy, has been running his club since 1975.