Beginners Course July 2012

The next CARISMA beginners course, will start on Thursday 19 July 2012 to run for 4 consecutive Thursday and Tuesday classes (e.g. 19, 24, 26, 31).   The club is quite busy for this period of the year and we recently enjoyed several busy beginners’ courses (see picture); we often have Tues and Thurs classes (our busiest ones) with up to 30 people.

There won’t be a beginners’ course in August and our policy is to accept beginners just if we need to increase membership.  So if you would like to join CARISMA (or you know somebody who would like to) please do it on the 19 July.

Please notice: you must join the beginners’ course just if you are a total beginnner. Any previous experience in striking martial arts (kickboxing, muai thai, karate, tae kwon do, kung fu, etc…) is appreciated and will allow you to join without without going through the beginners’ course. Please get in touch with us if in doubt.

If you’d like to check our prices please look at this page. Please notice that Kelsey Kerridge charges a day entry to every person entering their premises.

There is no need for booking for beginners: please just turn up at 6pm at Kelsey Kerridge.

Training on Sunday summer 2012

All Sunday sessions between 1 July and 26 August 2012 inclusive will be held at the Histon Road Recreation Ground (see map below) at 5:00-7:00PM when the weather allows it.

In case of rain (or if the grass is wet as it rained previously) we will post a message on this site to indicate the training venue that will be visible under the schedule category please check it if in doubt.

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CARISMA BIG Weekend 2012 – Kickathon

Join us, together with many other sports clubs from Cambridge to celebrate sports and promote out club.  This ia a 2 days initiative organised by Cambridge City Council where we will have a small stand to make demonstrations and allow people from the general public to experience what training with CARISMA is about.

We need volunteers to help with demonstrations and answer inquiries as well as running two featured demonstrations on stage at 2:30pm on Saturday 7 July and 2pm on Sunday 8.

We’ll also run a Kickathon where all members from the club will be invited to get sponsored to perform as many kicks as possible at the rate ogf £0.10 per kick.  Encouraged sponsorship is either £5.00 for 50 kicks or £10.00 for 100 kicks.  All money collected will be donated to EACH (East Anglia Children Hospice).  Please join us; let us know by commenting on this post or RSVP on our Facebook Event.

CARISMA Annual BBQ 2012

I would like to personally thank the over 30 people that attended the celebration of the 13th anniversary of CARISMA on Sat 16 June.

As usual it was great seeing a mix of people of all ages and levels of seniority within the club ranging from beginners from the latest beginners’ course all the way to instructors as well as several people that moved on and no longer train at CARISMA but still come back to Cambridge to join our parties.

Starting at 3PM the party went on till the early hours of Sunday morning.  Special thanks to Penka, Andrea, Samir and Theo that kindly helped with setup and catering.

Grading June 2012

Another succesful grading session on Sunday 10 June. One Green Second, 1 Green, 4 Orange Second, 5 Orange and 4 Yellow belt awarded.  The picture here on the right is from Duncan (who has full copyright on the picture and let us kindly using it); more are available on his site.