CARISMA Town vs. Gown 2010

CARISMA is announcing the first Town vs. Gown Kickboxing tournament to be held in CAMBRIDGE at the Manor Community College on 20 Feb 2010, starting at 3:00PM sharp.

The town represented by CARISMA will be challeging members from both university clubs: Cambridge University Kickboxing Society and Anglia Ruskin University Kickboxing Club.

Each fight will be pre matched, taking into account gender, weight and experience, following the Wako international  weight categories and Kickboxing Light Continuous rules.  Each fighter will take part in a 3 x 2 min fight in the ring.

We are looking forward to members of all these club to come forward and take part is this uniques opportunity: please Email Massimo (replacing <at> with @ before sending), no later than the 15 January 2010,  indicating the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Weight (that will have to be the same weight on the day of the fight)
  • Years (months) of experience in Kickboxing
  • Years (months) of experience in other martial arts
  • Number of fights to date

Christmas Break 2009 – Monday sparring

We would like to inform everybody that the last Monday sparring session for 2009 will be tonight, Monday 14 December at the Manor Community College.  The first Monday session of 2010 will be on the 4th January.

CARISMA, its instructors and the committee wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members in the hope to see you all back for a fantastic beginning in 2010.

Xmas dinner 2009

Once more this year is coming to its end.  2009 was a year of celebrations (10 year anniversary), victories and achievements for the club and its members.

As we like to party as much as training once more it was time for celebrations. With 20 people around the table mixing novices with senior ranks and instructors,  food and great company it was surely an event not to missed and we are sorry for those of you that did.  Here are some pictures of the event:

Grading Dec 2009

DSCN3317ROn Sunday 6 December CARISMA awarded a number of new belts, including a brown, two blue, 3 green and various orange and yellow ones.  The technical level of all participants to the grading was, once more, very high and it was reflected by very high scores in their respective grading forms.

Well done to everyone and special thanks to James B. who helped with the grading.

Please have a look at some of the pictures of the grading here: