Uniforms & Equipment

Our uniform is made of a CARISMA Tshirt and black kickboxing trousers. For the first lessons please wear a black or dark coloured sport trousers and a black or dark T-shirt: please no shorts or vests.

A belt is worn to show the personal rank: please have a look at the Ranks & Grading page for details.

Most of our training activities are done using pads: gloves, mouth guard, breast shield (for women), groin guard (for men), shin pads, foot pads. Pads guarantee the maximum possible safety during training.

The club has a supply of gloves for use during class, however, members are encouraged to have their own equipment to be bought soon after they join. The club’s pads should be considered as a way for new people to try out the training without committing on a full kit starting from day one. For this reason more recent students will have priority in using the club’s equipment.

Please have a look at the correct gloves, and other protecting equipment we suggest:

Kickboxing Trousers :: from £15.00

Hand Wraps :: £4.00

Head Guard :: £29.00

Pro Head Guard :: £55.00

Shin Guards :: £25.00

Mouth Guard :: £3.00

Boxing Gloves :: from £30 .00

Foot Pads :: £25.00

Groin Guard :: £8.00

The prices indicated here are for club members and bought through us: they are lower than the suggested retail price offered by Bytomic.com, our main supplier.

It is probably possible to find cheaper offers over the Internet but usually service is less efficient than ours and it becomes more complicated if you get sent the wrong item. We offer fast delivery, you can try before you buy as we usually hold most popular items in stock and we can replace damaged or defective items on the spot when available.