Town vs. Gown 2015 – The fights

Will all fighters please be at the venue on Saturday 28 February at 12:30 for a prompt 1pm start.  Signs will indicate the exact building.

All fighters will be checked for weight before the fight.  There will be one referee and two judges and their score will be final.  All fights will be light contact following these rules which are the same as the previous events.

All fighters must wear full kit (e.g. head guard, mouth guard, hand wraps, 10oz gloves, groin guard (males), shin guard and separate foot guard).  Uniform must be a club t-shirt (or black in the worse case) and long lose trousers.  No belt should be worn and all pads must be worn under the uniform (e.g. no visible shin or groin guards).  All fighters should bring a towel and a bottle of water.

The order of fights is indicated in the table below; please bear in mind that such order can vary depending or a number of circumstances, including some of the fighters not turning up (which will be adequately punished in due course).

Club Full Name Club Full Name
CU Anna Lappala vs. CU Sarah A-J
CU Konstantin Semeniuk vs. CA Felix Schmitten
CU Sophie Constable vs. AR Nadira Valera
CU James Althorpe vs. CU George Bowerie
CU Rob Hume vs. AR Hugo Kingsley
CU Rebecca Baker vs. AR Nadira Valera
CA Felix Schmitten vs. CU Thomas Cebo
CA Meitar Blumenfeld vs. AR Chris Jones
CA Simon Gardiner vs. CU Dominik Lentrolt
CA Jethro Akroyd vs. CU Ryan Potter
CA Meitar Blumenfeld vs. CU Liland Hui
CU Tim Williamson vs. CA Liam Pride
AR Ryan Marcano vs. CU Adam Jelley
CU Matthew Coates vs. CU Josh Breedon
CA Cedric Deur vs. CU Tim Williamson

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