New Year’s Resolution 2013

New Year’s Celebrations 2013 – Image courtesy of BBC

New Year’s day starts with sunny and dry weather expected to be warm-ish, at least for this season.   We truly hope you had a great break.  For many of us it is time to go back to work tomorrow and our first session starts on Thursday 3 January.

2013 starts packet with activities and events like Town Vs. Gown in February, grading and Varsity in March, further tournaments later in spring.  We are looking forward to seeing many of you back from the first lessons, training often and hard to start a great New Year’s Resolution in martial arts.

For those of you who are beginners please wait until our next beginners’ course on 22 January and we’ll make sure it was worth waiting for.

Christmas Break 2012

We would like to inform everybody that the last lesson for 2012 will be on Sunday 23 December at Kelsey Kerridge.

The first session of 2013 will be on Thursday 3 January at Kelsey Kerridge.

CARISMA, its instructors and the committee wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members and their loved ones, looking forward to seeing you all back for a fantastic beginning of 2013.