Varsity 2009 Videos #2

Please have a look at these two videos out of the Varsity 2009 kickboxing fights against Oxford University:
Heidi Holmes (on the right wearing vest and trousers with red stripe) v Alison Evans. Heidi fights well throghout the match although Alison has a height and reach advantage that allows her to win:

Rupert Goodway (on the right wearing black head guard) v Naoya Koda. Rupert here demonstrates superior technique and a nice repertoire of strikes managing to score many times with kicks to the head, including several axe kicks:

Varsity 2009 Videos #1

Please have a look at these two videos out of the Varsity 2009 kickboxing fights against Oxford University:
Veronika Kantorovich (on the right with black headguard) v Cicely Marshall: Veronica wins brilliantly demonstrating superior technique and a great repertoire of strikes that is simply overwelming Cicely:

Josh Jenkins (red gloves on the right) and Jack Ceadel.  The result is very close and Jack is winner.

Varsity 2009: the results

A great result of 4 for Cambridge and 5 for Oxford considering the number of relatively inexperienced fighters.  The score was also impressive when compared to previous years: CUKBS have come a long way since the first time they fought Oxford in 2007.

The Varsity 2009 Team

The Varsity 2009 Team

All of the 9 fighters (see picture above) demonstrated good round technical skills and fitness preparation, managing their energy well till the end of each fight. While Oxford based their strategy on sheer power and very basic techniques all Cambridge competitors, including some experiencing their first time in the ring, showed competent skill, well paced attacking and defending strategies and a good repertoire of strikes.

The show took place in the picturesque Cambridge Union Society, surrounded by a noisy crowd of supporters.  It started with a demo fight between Andrew Gilham representing CARISMA and Robin Turner representing Anglia Ruskin University Kickboxing Club, although also a CARISMA member himself.  Both Andrew and Robin performed well and finished in a draw.

The Varsity fights were:

Chris Webb v James Richardson: Chris winner
Josh Jenkins v Jack Ceadel: Jack winner
Veronika Kantorovich v Cicely Marshall: Veronica winner
Heidi Holmes v Alison Evans: Alison winner

Rupert Goodway v Naoya Koda: Rupert winner
James Waddell v Zac Etheridge: Zac winner
Peter Stovall v Borna Guevel: Borna winner
Sam Goldscheider v Jeff Douglass: Jeff winner
Ollie Okunsunle v Andrew Duniec: Ollie winner

Varsity 2009

Varsity 2009

We would like to thank everybody who helped with the show: Chris, Colin and Duncan with photography, James with video footage, and the great support from Cambridge University students, CUKBS, CARISMA and ARKBC members that contributed to turn this event into a show (see picture below).  Training is not over as CUKBS will be at the 2009 University Championship in Canterbury (Kent).

Leo Schwartz, President of CUKBS commented: “The 3rd Annual Varsity Tournament was a great success! The crowd were fantastic and the fights were some of the best we’ve ever had at Varsity, professional and well-matched. We unfortunately lost 5-4 but it was neck and neck all the way to the end. Congratulations to all who took part and many thanks to everyone who made it possible. Watch this space for info on videos and pictures, coming soon.

Please keep an eye on this link for the next posts about pictures and videos.  If you were at the show please leave a comment with your impressions, just click below.

Varsity 2009: Who fights who?

Here is a message from Chris Webb, Varsity coach:

Hi kickboxers,

as you know, our annual Varsity kickboxing match is to be held at the Union 7pm this friday (20th). Come support your friends and raise the roof in what is going to be an action packed night. £5 for non-members, £4 for CUKBS members and free to union members. The line up is as follows:

Chris Webb v James Richardson
Josh Jenkins v Jack Ceadel
Veronika Kantorovich v Cicely Marshall
Rupert Goodway v Naoya Koda


James Waddell v Zac Etheridge
Pete Stovall v Borna Guevel
Sam Goldscheider v Andy Douglass
Heidi Holmes v Alison Evans
Ollie Okunsunle v Andrew Duniec

Varsity 2009

We would like to invite all of our members and followers to watch the Varsity 2009 Kick Boxing fights on the 20 February 2009.  Nine members of Cambridge University Kickboxing Society (CUKBS), both male and female, will fight against Oxford opponents in 3 x 1.5 min rounds Light Continuous Kickboxing.

The show will be held at the Cambride Union and tickes will be available soon at their office.  CUKBS members remember your termcard for your discount.

As known CARISMA is the official coach for CUKBS and this is the opportunity of seeing several CARISMA members in action so please come and support us.