CARISMA for corporate seminars

CARISMA announces the launch of purpose designed corporate seminars, ideal for team building and alternative fun days with colleagues.  These seminars are called Personal Empowerment Through Martial Arts (PETMA) and their content can be delivered to anybody: age, gender and level of fitness are totally inessential to the full enjoyment and appreciation of any PETMA seminar.

Having tried wine tasting, paintball fighting, bowling, karting and the various other activities available to companies for recreational purposes this is a new, interesting and fascinating way of spending a few hours with friends and colleagues.

PETMA seminars are run by experts in martial arts, certified and fully insured instructors that have natural inclination and skill to convey martial arts techniques and concepts to total beginners.

Anybody can learn a few basic moves in a 4 hours seminar but the main purpose for PETMA is to increase awareness about street safety and, more than anything else, knowing how to avoid trouble rather than fight your way out of it.

For more details about PETMA seminars please check this page. Alternatively please contact us for more information or to book a seminar.