Successful end of the year for CUKBS

Last Wednesday, 11 June Cambridge University Kickboxing Society (CUKBS) completed its first year under coaching and technical co-ordination by CARISMA.

CUKBS appointed CARISMA back in June 2007 with the aim of achieving better results in competitions as well as to raise the general morale and motivation of the club itself. In total there were just a handful of people from the previous year so the whole team has been put together, nearly from scratch.

All CUKBS students are trained by certified instructors from CARISMA: this ensures that all aspects of training are taken into account by pushing and challenging the talented and most experienced people while encouraging and supporting the ones that are less experienced. CUKBS is open just to Cambridge University students and staff: all members are entitled to join CARISMA at a discounted rate if they decide to complement their training. Some of CUKBS students, once they accumulated enough training hours, were entitled to grade during the latest grading session is June.

“Although the last few lessons of the Easter term saw a lower than usual attendance due to exams theoverall results were more than satisfactory” – comments Massimo Gaetani, President and Head Coach at CARISMA – “We started the first lesson of Michaelmas term with 73 people: we knew many people were there just to check around; we managed to continue until the end of the term with around 50 people that is a great success and still, during Easter term we often had sessions with around 30 people”.

CUKBS Jun 2008

CUKBS Jun 2008

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