Rain? No problem!

So far we have been lucky this summer: as usual all Sundays of July and August we (try to) train outdoor.  Historically we managed to get about 5-6 out of 8-9 Sundays in any given year.  Summer 2010 has been good and we managed to get all Sundays outdoor this year.

Yesterday lesson was no different if not that at about 6 o’clock it started raining.  It was obviously too late traying relocating the lesson and, at the same time, the 9 CARISMA members at the lesson seemed so focussed on their training that they carried on kicking each other; luckily within less that 10 few minutes it stopped.  See them in this clip as they are training while rain is pooring down:

Toward the end of the lesson the sun came out so the lesson completed with and nice and relaxing conditioning training 🙂 of which you can see a simple example from Heley and Aaron:

2 thoughts on “Rain? No problem!

  1. Personally i like to train in all types of conditions. training outside, on slippery ground,in bad lighting, cramped spaces etc. all give you an idea or what you can (and more importantly CAN’T) do in certain environments. And hey, a little rain never killed anyone right?

  2. When i used to train in Steelwire Mantis System we trained in the snow and rain. Especially the mantis press ups in the cold snow were hard as we didnt wear any gloves,it was all about conditioning.

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