Multicombat is a fighting style formed by augmenting Kickboxing with knee and elbow strikes, leg blocks and further sweeping and throwing techniques from Judo.

Multicombat was conceived by Master Davide Bottini as a Style oriented towards street fighting. Multicombat does not have sport competitions and, to ensure that safety requirements are fully respected, is normally suitable only for people that are adequately competent about the various techniques involved.

Most of the individual techniques used in Multicombat are of common use in other martial arts. However the way these techniques are combined and applied, allow effective defence performance, helping to build self confidence.

Most combinations of techniques involve strikes that if applied for real to an opponent would cause serious injuries. The basic concept of Multicombat is to be in a dangerous situation, attackan opponent with a fast and powerful combination of techniques to get rid of him/her and leave. The basic phylosophy of multicombat is to break the opponent’s posture and position in order to have an effective follow up with powerful stikes in sensitive areas of the body and head: good part of the combinations put the attacker behind the defender in order to minimize his/her possibility of further reactions to the final attacks. In many cases the defender is dropped by a sweeping or throwing action, helping the attacker to finish his/her job in a easier way.

Carisma is the only club in the UK autorised by master Bottini to teach Multicombat.