Club Constitution


The title of the Association shall be the Cambridge Riverside Martial Arts (CARISMA).

Carisma shall be affiliated to a national martial art association (later on called NMAA) for insurance purposes. The affiliation also allows CARISMA to be recognised at a national and international level during competitions and other events. The NMAA will be chosen by the Committee in order to guarantee the interests of CARISMA.

(a) To promote the sport and practice of Kickboxing, Multi-Combat and related martial arts in Cambridge.
(b) To promote codes of safety in the sport and practice of the martial arts.
(c) To promote the moral, mental, physical and social well-being of the members.
(d) To co-operate with other bodies having similar aims.
(e) To be amateur. i.e. to be governed by an amateur committee whose voting members shall not receive any pecuniary advantage by reason of controlling interest.
(f) To obtain, collect, receive and administer money and funds for these purposes on a not-for-profit basis.

(a) Membership shall be open to all persons who subscribe to the ” Purposes ” above and who shall abide by the constitution.
(b) A member or group of members may be asked to resign or have application or renewal refused or be dealt with in such a manner as may be determined by the Committee.

A central register of current membership, along with a grading record, shall be kept by the Committee.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held once in each calendar year to transact the following business:
(a) To receive and consider the adoption of the accounts of the last preceding year.
(b) To elect or approve the method of election of the Committee for the period until the next Annual General Meeting.
(c) To deal with any special matter which the Committee wishes to bring before the members and to receive suggestions or complaints from the members for consideration by the Committee.
(d) EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETINGS shall be called by the Committee at its discretion or following a written request in the form of a resolution signed by not less than two members. The resolution with re-amendments shall be the only business transacted at such a meeting. Such meetings shall require not less than two days notice.
(e) VOTING AT GENERAL MEETlNGS: Each registered member present whose fees are fully paid up to the date of the meeting shall have one vote except the President who shall have a second or casting vote in the case of an equality of votes.

(a) The business and affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Committee elected annually by the members and consisting of not more than five members, headed by a President.
(b) For each Committee post, nominations for must be proposed by a member and seconded by a different member.
(c) The Committee shall meet from time to time as may be necessary.
(d) Members of the Committee shall not receive any pecuniary advantage by reason of their controlling interest in the Association.
(e) A resolution in writing, signed and agreed to by not less then two-thirds of the Committee shall be as valid.

The Association shall be principally instructed by not less than one Master of 1 Dan level. The Master is responsible for the technical content of lessons and the Curriculum.

Additional Instructors may be nominated by the Master and they will be entitled to run a lesson in the absence of the said Master.

The current Fee Schedule will detail lesson fees and payments to the Instructors if appropriate. There will be rates for individual lessons or a subscription rate. The Schedule may be altered by a resolution of the Committee.

New students shall be awarded 9 Kyu grade (white belt), and may proceed up through the grades. Students with experience in other Martial Arts may be awarded a belt up to their existing level upon evidence of their technical ability and at the discretion of the Master. Instructors authorised by the NMAA may grade students up to two grades below the examiner (e.g. 1st Dan can grade to 2nd Kyu). Kyu grades require minimum three months between grades. Minimum 2 years to 1st Dan.

Dan Gradings are awarded by approved instructors of the NMAA. Refer to their constitution.

A copy of the grading curriculum will be available for students to inspect.

As a member of the NMAA, members of CARISMA are insured against certain risks, as defined by the Insurance Policy, which is available for inspection.

A motion to dissolve the Association may only be made at a Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose and to succeed shall require the approval of at least two-thirds of the members present and entitled to vote.
In the event of dissolution, any surplus funds property or assets shall be disposed of for charitable purposes subject to the approval of any grant-aiding authorities concerned.

These rules of the Constitution and Order of Reference may not be altered in effect except by a majority of two-thirds of the members present and voting at a General Meeting.