Corporate Training

CARISMA offers a range of 3 corporate Personal Empowerment Through Martial Arts (PETMA) seminars that are ideal initiatives for team building while offering basic practical knowledge of self defence, personal safety and security awareness.

Standard seminars (levels 1, 2 and 3) are lasting four hours each, with short breaks, and can be arranged to be part of a working day or during a week end.

Each PETMA seminar includes basic theory and practical exercises that allow people, of all walks of life, to see, try and appreciate the effectiveness of well used body coordination for personal safety and self defence.  Participation to each seminar of higher level (2 and 3) implies having attended to the previous ones.

Participation to PETMA seminars

The ideal participants to PETMA seminars are company teams of self motivated individuals that will be shown:

  • A quick indication of how much a beginner can achieve in their very first 15 minutes.
  • Explanation of different degree of physical mobility and what can be done with it.
  • How to avoid Alpha male dominant behaviour

Each participant to these seminars should be willing to improve his/her awareness of body, muscles and proper posture while improving his/her knowledge of how to feel safer in a defined number of circumstances.

Common content for all seminars

All seminars will cover a number of different topics designed to be safe for all participants of any age, level of fitness or gender, while maintaining action and continuous practice of what shown.

House rules and safety measures

Limitations that will be made clear to the group from the beginning are:

  • The seminars are not a fight clubs and each participant is responsible for his/her own actions;
  • You will not be invincible and win / survive street fights: no illusions;
  • Movements and actions seen here are potentially dangerous and might cause pain or worse if not performed with due care and attention: always follow the instructor(s) advice.

Energizers and proper energy usage

This starts off from some basic breathing and warming up exercises, for an adequately slow start and improve body awareness; follow some examples of energizers such as pushing each other around or other safe contact exercises.  Some extra warm up exercises will be performed to guarantee that every body part will be ready for the rest of the training.

Posture, stance and guards

Proper movements come from a proper posture and stance: a correct guard will ensure safety while performing any kind of technique.

Body coordination

Concepts of free movement and proper co-ordination with applications to include:

  • Push and pulse strikes
  • Breaking techniques
  • 1″ punch
  • Shifting one’s weight in a proper way: demonstrated with strikes

Specific technical content of seminars

Each seminar will cover different strikes and situations please follow the links below to find out more details:

Conclusion and summary

Once finished there will be a 10 minutes conversation about the content of the seminar, a questionnaire to fill in and delivery of participation certificates.

What people should wear

Each participant should wear comfortable clothing such as tracksuit, t-shirt and trainers.

What each participant gets

Each participant will receive a certificate of participation and a T-shirt of the event and hand wraps.


We are happy to organize seminars at your company premises or in a venue of your choice: alternatively we can arrange for a suitable venue in your area.


If you are interested in participating to one of these seminars please send a link to this page to your HR manager or to the person organizing social events in your company.  Please contact us to have more information about our PETMA seminars or to book one.