Grading programs

There are a total of nine ranks before a student is tested for the first dan (first black belt). There are 1 white belt, 1 yellow belt, 2 orange belts, 2 green belts, 2 blue belts and 1 brown belt ranks. Testing is important as a means for students to understand their progress and accomplishments.

Please notice that each grading program states the minimum training time required before proceeding with that grading. The time stated is indicated in hours: we expect our members to train regularly at least twice per week.  Together with ordinary lesson every event organized by the club will add hours to the student experience that will be valued at grading time.

By no mean a member can expect of accumulating the right number of hours, stay away for several weeks or months and then reappear to grade.  In case of students missing a significant number of lessons each month, the time stated will be extended at discretion of the instructors.

The minimum time between grading increases with the rank: it works out to be fairly quick and easy to reach the 5th or 4th kyu but of course more difficult to achieve the 1st kyu or 1st dan.  Each student will have to confirm with the master whether he/she can attend to the next grading session according to his/her attendance and performance in the last months.

Please refer to the grading rules and hints page in order to understand your position in the grading system.

Click on the links to below to see individual grading programs for each rank. Please make sure you fully understand all techniques described in the grading program for the rank you are going for. If there is anything not clear please don’t hesitate asking before entering a grading.

8 Kyu Yellow Belt
7 Kyu Orange I Belt
6 Kyu Orange II Belt
5 Kyu Green I Belt
4 Kyu Green II Belt
3 Kyu Blue I Belt
2 Kyu Blue II Belt
1 Kyu Brown Belt

Please have a look at our grading sessions pictures: for recent ones please check the grading category in the blog.