Enjoying the British weather so far

2013-07-21 18.50.27When CARISMA started, back in 1999, we were very often training in the beautiful parks of Cambridge, mostly Jesus Green.  That kind of a tradition has been kept over the years and we sometimes use parks when, for random reasons, some of our venues becomes unavailable and the weather is nice.  We also book all Sunday lessons for the summer (usually the whole July and August) to be run outside in one of the parks and, just if the weather is not good, we book at the last minute an available room for the day.

This year we have been lucky: so far all of the (5) Sundays we managed to train outside, enjoying the lovely weather and the sun.  If you have not tried yet please make sure you join us at one of our next Sunday lessons before end of August.  Here are a few pictures of the lessons we run:

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