Competition in Thurston Oct 2008

11 fighters, between CARISMA and CUKBS, participated in a Light Contact Competition organized by Pete Dunnet and the Combat Academy Kickboxing in Thurston (near Bury St. Edmund, Suffolk).

The overall results are extremely encouraging:

Chris Webb: winner
Luca Senatore: second (due to a penalty, excess contact)
Robin Turner: second
Aaron Lewis: second
Ollie Osunkunle (*): winner (opponent had to stop)
Rupert Goodway: second
Andrew Gillham: winner
Richard Kirkland (*): draw (one penalty)
Rosie Snajdr (*): draw
Josh Genkins (*): second
Chris Wilson (*): second

(*) indicates first time at a competition

CARISMA as usual displayed good technique, respect for the rules and professionalism. A number of coaches and masters from various clubs complimented Massimo Gaetani, head coach for CARISMA, about these qualities.

CARISMA fighters showed to have a distinct style, good technique and all those qualities that a martial artist should have by definition: even those at their first experience entered competently the tournament and stood their ground with good performance.

Follow the available videos of the fights:

Chris Webb, grey head guard and white footpads

Luca Senatore, black outfit

Robin Turner, red gloves

Ollie Olaskunle, red head guard, black gloves

Josh Jenkins, black head guard, red gloves

Rupert Goodway, black head guard

Richard Kirkland, red head guard

One thought on “Competition in Thurston Oct 2008

  1. People from other clubs were VERY impressed witht the standards of Carisma’s athletes!

    Massimo is doing a FANTASTIC job for the people of Cambridge.

    Carisma is a GREAT way to learn martial arts for self-defense, competitions, self-esteem, making new friends or just for a load of FUN!

    If you haven’t joined Carisma yet, do it NOW

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