CARISMA Town vs. Gown 2017

CARISMA is announcing the Town vs. Gown Kickboxing tournament to be held in CAMBRIDGE at the North Cambridge Sports Centre on 25 Feb 2017, starting at 2:00PM sharp.

The town represented by CARISMA will be challeging members from both university clubs: Cambridge University Kickboxing Society and Anglia Ruskin University Kickboxing Club.

Each fight will be pre-matched, taking into account gender, weight and experience, following the Wako international  weight categories and Kickboxing Light Continuous rules.  Each fighter will take part in a 3 rounds bout fight in the ring (beginners 1 minute, intermediate 1.5 minutes and advanced 2 minutes)

We are looking forward to members of all these club to come forward and take part is this unique opportunity: please Email Massimo (replacing <at> with @ before sending), no later than the 14 February,  indicating the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Weight (that will have to be the same weight on the day of the fight)
  • Years (months) of experience in Kickboxing
  • Years (months) of experience in other martial arts
  • Number of fights to date


Eugene and DanSeven brave men and two brave women stepped into the ring on Monday evening to participate in the first CARISMA Cup. The Cup was an opportunity for beginners to show off the results of months of dedicated training, and gain invaluable experience in a safe and controlled light contact sparring match. For most, this was their very first taste of a kickboxing match.

There were six matches in total, of 3 rounds of 1 minute each. The final result is shown below:

Gender Name Vs. Name Winner
Male Robertas Mareikis Vs. Robbie Jarvis Robertas
Male Andy Brinkworth Vs. Matt Hunt Matt
Female Rachel Lawrence Vs. Steph Reikine Rachel
Male Ben Bishop Vs. Robbie Jarvis Robbie
Male Richard Gordon Vs. Dan Whittear Dan
Male Robertas Mareikis Vs. Matt Hunt Robertas

Two prizes were available on the night. The first was Fight of the Night, awarded by the instructors, which Robertas took home after two excellent performances, showing both composure and technique. The second was Most Improved Fighter, nominated by the more experienced Carisma members who supported the fighters in preparation for the event, which was awarded to Dan (in the picture above on the right) in recognition of his hard work and dedication in training for the event.

Competition is a core component of kickboxing, and the most visible one. It is never easy to step into the ring to compete, and additionally, opportunities can be difficult to find. Every fighter who stepped up to the challenge on Monday evening can be proud of their performance in the ring. The technique was impressive throughout, and each competitor fought with heart. A special thank you to those who helped the fighters to prepare for this event, and stood in their corner while they fought. In addition, the event would have been impossible without the help of all the instructors, and those who helped to referee and judge the matches.  Last but not least a very big thanks you and well done to Eugene Ho (pictured above on the left) who organised and managed the whole event.

CARISMA Town vs. Gown 2016 – The Results

Amazing event last Saturday: great sportsmanship, good quality fights,  safe environment for all athletes and nearly 150 spectators 🙂  This year we had the largest number of CUKBS fighters to date which helped their domination in this show. Total result of 10 wins for CUKBS, 7 for CARISMA and 1 for ARUKBC. Congratulations to all fighters, regardless of the final result; each of you was a winner the moment you walked into the ring. It takes guts and determination to train and prepare for a fight and a great deal of courage to commit to it so well done! Here below is the list of fights and the winners for each fight:

Club Full Name Club Full Name Winner
AR Robertas Maneikis CA Joe Ourussoff Robertas
CA Lukasz Sobisz CA Elliot Fletcher Elliot
CU Sarah Ashcroft-Jones CA Eloise Lebrun Sarah
CU Konstantin Semeniuk CA James Hall Konstantin
AR Mario Micillo CA Meitar Blumenfeld Meitar
CU Anna Schumann CA Eloise Lebrun Eloise
CU Matthew Coates CA Richard Gordon Matthew
CU John Quan CU Shayan Ali John
CU Jessica Slim CA Zosia K-J Zosia
CU Peter Hardwidge CA Andy Brinkworth Peter
CU Tim Williamson CA Eugene Ho Tim
CU Alex Hamilton CA Canardach Maciver Alex
CU Farakh Shahzad AR Matt Hunt Farakh
CU Kaylyn Z-Y AR Elina Kadakovska Kaylyn
CU Matt Kaye CA JQ Wang Matt
CU George Bowerie CA Cedric Deur Cedric
CU Jessica Matheret CA Steph Reikine Steph
CU Zakaria Moustiri CA Simon Gardiner Simon