CARISMA Annual BBQ 2017

Copyright and courtesy of Duncan GrisbyThis year our club achieved its adulthood: on Saturday 10 June we celebrated the 18th anniversary for CARISMA. I would like to personally thank the over 46 people that attended the celebration.

Eighteen years is a long time, longer than some of our youngest members have been alive and long enough to have seen tens of other clubs in Cambridge opening and closing down.  I am very proud about the longevity and health of the club which year after year keeps attracting new members, teach them quality martial arts and train them to improve the technique, fitness and skills.

As usual it was great seeing at the BBQ a mix of people of all ages and levels of seniority within the club.  We had people who joined us during the latest beginners’ course last month all the way to senior members and instructors.  We even had several people that moved on and no longer train at CARISMA but still come back to Cambridge to join our parties.

Starting at 3pm the party went on till the early hours of Sunday morning, 3:20am to be precise.  Special thanks to Liz, Andrea, Anna and a few others that kindly helped with setup, cooking and catering. This BBQ managed to beat most records to date, which are all worth mentioning:

  • Largest number of attendees with 46 people
  • Longest lasting party, over 12 hours
  • Largest amount of food eaten, with about 24Kg of meat, fish and halloumi, several Kg of bread, veggies, dips and whatever else, including 3 large party chocolate cakes and a couple of tubs of double cream
  • Largest amount of drinks consumed with about 60 litres of various beers and lagers, 15 bottles of wines and about 2 litres of palinka
  • unspecified amounts of soft drinks, juices and water were also consumed

I am already looking forward to the 19th anniversary next year 🙂

CARISMA Annual BBQ 2012

I would like to personally thank the over 30 people that attended the celebration of the 13th anniversary of CARISMA on Sat 16 June.

As usual it was great seeing a mix of people of all ages and levels of seniority within the club ranging from beginners from the latest beginners’ course all the way to instructors as well as several people that moved on and no longer train at CARISMA but still come back to Cambridge to join our parties.

Starting at 3PM the party went on till the early hours of Sunday morning.  Special thanks to Penka, Andrea, Samir and Theo that kindly helped with setup and catering.

Join the CARISMA Annual BBQ 2012

To celebrate the social as well as martial aspects of our club we are going to have the annual BBQ on 16 June 2012.  Please contact us to book your place before Tuesday 12 June.

Every year CARISMA is celebrating its anniversary (13th this year) with a BBQ extended to all members (and family/partners) and we hope many people will be able to make it.

As usual we ask a small contribution of £10 (£5 for people that just drink soft drinks) to all members to cover for their food and drinks that will all be provided. The club matches all monies collected so effectively all guests get a treat of food and drinks worth twice the money they pay. Partners and Family members are welcome and will be asked to pay an extra £5 to the standard contribution (e.g. £10 for people that just consume soft drinks and £15 for the others). As usual we consider members those who are currently training and paying monthly fees to the club. People that no longer train with the club is welcome but will be charged the partner/family fees.

All bookings must be done in advance and paid for; payments are non refundable. Please RSVP a.s.a.p.!

There is also a Facebook event to help with RSVP and giving us an idea of people coming along.

Christmas Dinner 2011

Another year is about to finish and again many of us thought it was a good idea to go out and celebrate.  Here are some of the pictures that Duncan (who has full copyright on these pictures and let us kindly using them) took on the night; more are available on his site:

Xmas Dinner 2011

Last year’s Xmas Dinner seems like yesterday: it may come as a surprise that not only is the next grading on Sunday, December 4th, but it is to be followed by the time-honoured tradition of the Carisma Xmas Dinner.

This year we selected an exclusive venue for our traditional Xmas Party. The Box Café is usually closed on Sunday night so we are the only booking for the evening; the place is run by Ozi a Turkish chef and restaurant owner that will provide the full Turkish and mediterranean cuisine experience, in a rich three courses meal.

The starters made of a rich Meze platter will include:

  • Dolma
  • Mercimek Kofte (Red Lentils crushed mixed with weath paste and herbs)
  • Borek (Filo/puff pastry with various fillings)
  • Mozzarella, tomato and olive skewers
  • Pitta, humus, taramasalata and cacik

Mains made on the BBQ including:

  •  Sish kebab (lamb and veggies Skewers)
  • Kofte Kebab (minced lamb skewers)
  • Taruk (marinated chicken breast)
  • Vegetarian / Fish kebabs (please notify on order)

All the above served with Rice with vermicelli and sesame seeds

Dessert made of Fresh Fruit platters and home made Baklava

All of the above for £20 per person with a BYO (bring your own) alcohol policy and no extra charge for corkage 🙂

Downpayments for booking will be collected at classes.

Please RSVP a.s.a.p.!!! you can express your interest on our Facebook event.