CARISMA Town vs. Gown 2016 – The Results

Amazing event last Saturday: great sportsmanship, good quality fights,  safe environment for all athletes and nearly 150 spectators 🙂  This year we had the largest number of CUKBS fighters to date which helped their domination in this show. Total result of 10 wins for CUKBS, 7 for CARISMA and 1 for ARUKBC. Congratulations to all fighters, regardless of the final result; each of you was a winner the moment you walked into the ring. It takes guts and determination to train and prepare for a fight and a great deal of courage to commit to it so well done! Here below is the list of fights and the winners for each fight:

Club Full Name Club Full Name Winner
AR Robertas Maneikis CA Joe Ourussoff Robertas
CA Lukasz Sobisz CA Elliot Fletcher Elliot
CU Sarah Ashcroft-Jones CA Eloise Lebrun Sarah
CU Konstantin Semeniuk CA James Hall Konstantin
AR Mario Micillo CA Meitar Blumenfeld Meitar
CU Anna Schumann CA Eloise Lebrun Eloise
CU Matthew Coates CA Richard Gordon Matthew
CU John Quan CU Shayan Ali John
CU Jessica Slim CA Zosia K-J Zosia
CU Peter Hardwidge CA Andy Brinkworth Peter
CU Tim Williamson CA Eugene Ho Tim
CU Alex Hamilton CA Canardach Maciver Alex
CU Farakh Shahzad AR Matt Hunt Farakh
CU Kaylyn Z-Y AR Elina Kadakovska Kaylyn
CU Matt Kaye CA JQ Wang Matt
CU George Bowerie CA Cedric Deur Cedric
CU Jessica Matheret CA Steph Reikine Steph
CU Zakaria Moustiri CA Simon Gardiner Simon

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