CARISMA Town vs. Gown 2012 – the fights

Here below are the matches for Town Vs. Gown 2012 on 18 February 2012.  The event will be split in two sessions, with 7 fights in each one and a 20 mins break in between; the order of the fights within each session might vary.

Fighter will have to be at the Manor Community College (directions here) not later than 1:15pm while spectators will be accepted from 1:30pm. The aim is to start the fights no later than 2:15pm, don’t be late!

# Club Fighter Fighter Club
1 AR Alexandre Larose vs. Theo Morton CA
2 CU Giulia Biffi vs. Sameera Abas CU
3 CU Cenan Djenan vs. Michael Tykarski CU
4 CA Scott Roberts vs. Georgios Evangelinos AR
5 AR Julia Purmann vs. Marie Fygle AR
6 CU Cenan Djenan vs. Timour Wielemans CA
7 CU Emma Gatti vs. Einat Elmalem CU
8 CA Anna Peskova vs. Mel Aird CA
9 CU Tim Williamson vs. Byron Van Deventer CA
10 CU Konstantin Semeniuk vs. Ollie Osunkunle CU
11 CU Alex Kaus vs. Andrea Cristofaro CA
12 CU Isaac Elliott vs. James Crossman AR
13 CU Alex Kaus vs. Felix Schmitten CA
14 CA Andrew Gilham vs. Alex Elliott CU

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