CARISMA Town vs. Gown 2010 – the results

All fighters did a great job and offered a great show to the 180 spectators we had.  Here are the results:

Club Fighter Club Fighter Winner
CUKBS Helen vs. CUKBS Lucy Helen
CARISMA Nasser vs. CUKBS Amin Nasser
CARISMA Ronnit vs. CUKBS Jenny Draw
CUKBS Jeremy vs. ARUKBC Vassil Draw
CARISMA Harrier vs. CUKBS Heidi Harriet
CARISMA Richard vs. ARUKBC Alexander Richard
CARISMA Heley vs. CUKBS Jill Heley
CARISMA Rosie vs. ARUKBC Marie Rosie
ARUKBC Phil vs. CUKBS Franz Phil
CARISMA Andrew vs. ARUKBC Jamie Jamie
CARISMA Phil vs. ARUKBC James James
CARISMA Andrew vs. CARISMA Aaron Andrew
CARISMA Tom vs. ARUKBC Chris Chris
CARISMA Neil vs. CUKBS Chris Neil
CARISMA James vs. ARUKBC Georgios Georgios

Total points:
CARISMA: 7 win 1 draw = 7.5;

ARUKBC: 5 win, 1 draw = 5.5;

CUKBS: 1 win, 2 draws = 2;

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