CARISMA Town vs. Gown 2010 – the fighters

Here is the definitive list of fighters for TG2010: they all have tickets for sale if you are interested in spectating this unique event:

Club Name
CUKBS Jill Sommerville
CARISMA Harriet Teare
CUKBS Heidi Holmes
CUKBS Helen Porte
CUKBS Lucy Liu
CUKBS Jenny Almeida
CARISMA Ronnit Wilmersdoerffer
CARISMA Heley Matthews
ARUKBC Marie Fygle
CARISMA Rosie Snajdr
CUKBS Amin Abolghasemi
CARISMA Nassar Salmi
CUKBS Jeremy Leong
ARUKBC Vassil Richter
CARISMA Aaron Lewis
ARUKBC Alexander Larose
CUKBS Franz Ronay
CARISMA Andrew Gilham
CARISMA Phil Mcdiarmid
ARUKBC Jamie Trotman
ARUKBC James Leggett
CARISMA Richard Blockley
CARISMA Tom Hennessy
CUKBS Chris Kelly
ARUKBC Chris Jones
CARISMA Neil Levesley
CARISMA James Bush
CUKBS Phillip Richardson
ARUKBC Georgios Evangelinos

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