CARISMA at The Martial Arts Show 2010

CARISMA was invited to take part in two demonstrations of Kickboxing and Multicombat at the The Martial Arts Show that was held at the NEC in Birmingham on 22 and 23 May 2010.

TMAS, one of the most important exhibitions of martial arts in Europe, was a great celebration of all martial arts with many workshops, demonstration, competitions and exhibition stands.  CARISMA had the opportunity to run two demonstrations at TMAS so a group of members was selected to prepare and perform a short demonstration that could synthesize the whole essence of our training in just a few minutes and a handful of combinations.

Massimo Gaetani, president and Head Coach of CARISMA (in the this picture, on the left, with Kwoklyn Wan the organiser of TMAS) commented the event: “we are very pleased to have the privilege of being among the clubs running demonstration at TMAS and thanks to our joint effort we delivered a good show”

A big thank you to Georgios Evengelinos, Aaron Lewis, Marcia Spoelder for their time and effort to help with the success of these demonstrations.  A video of the event is being edited and it will be available soon.

One thought on “CARISMA at The Martial Arts Show 2010

  1. AAAAaahhh! Look at you, guys. Hehe. Wish I were there. Bet you all had a good time. Can’t wait to see the movie.

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