CARISMA and the Universities in Cambridge

If you are a university student in Cambridge, either from Cambridge University or Anglia Ruskin University then CARISMA is the place for you to learn and train Kickboxing.  CARISMA offers up to 5 sessions per week where you can both develop and improve your technical skills as well as practicing your fighting abilities.

The involvement of CARISMA with the university of Cambridge started when Cambridge University Kickboxing Society (CUKBS) appointed CARISMA as their official coaches back in 2007 and the collaboration has been going from strength to strength, culminating with the first victory at Varsity 2010 and more recently with Varsity 2012.

The Anglia Ruskin Kickboxing Club (ARUKBC) was formed in 2008 by three CARISMA members, at that time ARU students.  Since then ARUKBC has been using CARISMA for its technical expertise and long experience in training and preparing successful athletes. Even in this case the club has  grown in a both size and technical skills thanks to the continuous support from CARISMA.  In 2010 ARUKBC won 7 out 15 bouts at the first Town vs Gown and in 2011 a second place in the national university championship.

In December 2011 a team formed by members of both ARUKBC and CUKBS accepted a challenge from the University of Bath Kickboxing club and managed to defeat them 5 to 4.

Both clubs maintain their total independence and autonomy by having their own committees, taking decisions about the tournaments they enter and social events they organise, while they receive technical training and support from CARISMA.  They also enjoy the opportunity of training with a much broader group of people compared with each single individual club and being exposed to a wider range of different skills, experiences and level of fitness.

A very special, super discounted rate is offered to students of both university to encourage them to train often and consistently.

From September 2011 joining ARUKBC means training at CARISMA and being part of it; CUKBS has a separate class on Wednesdays during term time but joining CARISMA should be considered a must for all people who are serious about their technical preparation and training.  CARISMA members who are studying at either university are automatically entitled to enter any competition that involves their respective club.