ARU introductory class 2013

On Saturday 28 September 2013 we will be running a one-off free introductory class for all ARU students.  This will be aimed at all ARU students (members of staff are also welcome though) that would like to try a class and see whether they would like to take up kickboxing as their main sport.  Total beginners are welcome as well as people with previous experience in martial arts.

Arranged at 3:00 for 3:30pm it will last until 5:00pm with a short introduction and demonstration from the instructors, about what kickboxing is and how it works then a full class (no contact for beginners) will be taught, exploring a few of the basics techniques we use.

The ARU introductory class 2013 will be held at the Fenners Gallery at Kelsey Kerridge and all ARU students with own student cards are granted free entry at reception; the class itself will also be totally free.

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