A dozen reasons for training at CARISMA

rp_busyclass-300x203.jpgCARISMA has been around for over 16 years and over this long time we have been training thousands of people from all walks of life, both male and females aged from early teens to mid-sixties.  Many of the people who moved on, for one reason or another, keep writing back about how much they miss CARISMA and how unique this Cambridge based club is.  I thought it’s a good idea to list, for those of you who don’t know us yet, why you should join us at your first chance:

  1. Wealth of knowledge and experience: CARISMA is run by 7 instructors between head coach, instructors and assistant instructors. Most of them have been with the club 10 years or longer and they currently have combined martial arts experience of 100+ years.
  2. Four classes per week included in your monthly fee allow great flexibility for training very busy people as most of our members are.
  3. Calculated on 4 sessions per week our fees cost you between £1.61 and £2.19 per session.
  4. We specialise in American kickboxing as well as we understand, know and teach basic concepts or other martial arts and self-defence.
  5. Beginners are taught, nurtured and taken care of, allowing them to learn in a very safe environment.
  6. While we are constantly encouraging people to push their training beyond their comfort zone we do respect and accept that not everybody wants to be a fighter.
  7. The considerable number of advanced people we have in house is enough to match the more experienced new comers who are looking for a real challenge in their training.
  8. Our equal opportunity policy is encouraging the less skilled ones while rewarding the talented and committed.
  9. Members of CARISMA belong to a great variety of age range, weights, body sizes, experiences, nationalities and genders: you are likely to meet several people who match your style and preference of training.
  10. Apart from training many local residents who work in Cambridge we are the official coaching body for both the university of Cambridge kickboxing society (CUKBS) and Anglia Ruskin university kickboxing club (ARUKBC).
  11. We are a non-profit organisation so our fees keep the club running rather than paying salaries.
  12. CARISMA is a fun bunch and there are frequent informal events like drinks after training as well as regular social events like summer BBQ and Xmas dinner.

Just to conclude: CARISMA is the place for you to train in Cambridge.  Whether you are a beginner interested in learning the basics or an advanced looking for your next fighting challenge you should join us and you will find a stimulating environment to foster your passion.


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