Beginners Course September 2012

The next CARISMA beginners course, will start on Thursday 18 September 2012 to run for 4 consecutive Tuesday and Thursday classes (e.g. 18, 20, 25, 27). The club is currently very busy for this period of the year and we recently enjoyed several busy beginners’ courses (see picture); we often have Tues and Thurs classes (our busiest ones) with up to 30 people.

September is always one of our busiest recruitment periods so if you would like to join CARISMA (or you know somebody who would like to) please do it on the 18 September.

Please notice: you must join the beginners’ course just if you are a total beginnner. Any previous experience in striking martial arts (kickboxing, muai thai, karate, tae kwon do, kung fu, etc…) is appreciated and will allow you to join without without going through the beginners’ course. Please get in touch with us if in doubt.

If you’d like to check our prices please look at this page. Please notice that Kelsey Kerridge charges a day entry to every person entering their premises.

There is no need for booking for beginners: please just turn up at 6pm at Kelsey Kerridge.

Kickathon defeated by weather

We have finally decided to cancel the second day of the BIG WEEK END and our Kickathon; the weather, once more, played against us and the organisers.  Here is a short report about what happened yesterday.

Everything started very sunny indeed and I had an initial regret for not bringing a gazebo and sun screen.  By 11am I was considering that a gazebo would have been good but against the rain.  Luckily the College of West Anglia allowed us to use part of their shelter.

We managed to successufully run our demonstration at 2:30pm: we under the rain for the whole time so with a total of about 4-5 spectators 🙁

Big thanks to Daisy, Anna, Simone, Dom, Alex, Jarek, Theo, Heley, Sanyia and Penka who joined and helped for the day.  Please come and see us today and help us to raise more funds: so far we raised £188.50 so we feel confident we can break the expected barrier of £200.00 we previously anticipated.

The amount of kicks performed on the day was just 150 due to weather conditions so, at the current balance, further 1735 are due and will be completed during classes.

I had a chat with the organisers from Cambridge City Council and suggested that a large roofed area would have helped to keep all sport clubs under shelter and helping them to connect with passers by, promoting our activities.  However, as  it is raining, very few people are on the park and very little can be done about that.

CARISMA BIG Weekend 2012 – Great day for a Kickathon

Join us today and tomorrow, together with many other sports clubs from Cambridge to celebrate sports and promote our club.  This ia a 2 days initiative organised by Cambridge City Council where we will have a small stand to make demonstrations and allow people from the general public to experience what training with CARISMA is about.

Come and support us during the two featured demonstrations on stage at 2:30pm Todayy 7 July and 2pm on Sunday 8.

We are collecting funds of behalf of EACH so please come along and donate some money: one of our athletes will perform 10 kicks for each £1 donated.  Do far we raised (to the best of my knowledge) £106 so 1060 kicks are already in the pipeline.

Raising Money for Kickathon

I would like to remind to everyone that Kickathon is happening this Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 July; if you would like to raise money for EACH please get a form from Massimo at the classes.  Alternatively you could ask people to donate on line.  We set up a CARISMA page on Just Giving and the money will go directly to EACH.  In short for every £1 you collect you have to do 10 kicks against a pad… it is going to be fun!