Grading Dec 2010

On Sunday 5 December 2010 we had another successful grading session.  A total of 17 members of CARISMA passed successufully their grading and were awarded a higher rank: 1 black, 1 blue second, 2 green second, 2 green, 4 orange and 6 yellow belts were awarded.

Congratulations to the individual members!

Christmas Break 2010

We would like to inform everybody that the last lesson for 2010 will be on Thursday 23 December at Kelsey Kerridge.

The first session of 2011 will be on Tuesday 4 January at Kelsey Kerridge.

CARISMA, its instructors and the committee wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members and their loved ones, looking forward to seeing you all back for a fantastic beginning of 2011.