Summer Camp 2010 Update

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This announcement provides some new details about the camp, including revised dates and travel arrangements.

The Summer Camp (SC) is a special training event lasting one or more days where all students of the club have the opportunity of practicing together in a relaxed environment.

Given the great success of previous years, we decided to organize the sixth
SC at the same place: a pleasant location in the Hungarian countryside. The whole event will be based in a village called Csokonyavisonta in the Somogy region, in the South East area of the country, by the Croatian border. You can have a look at where it is by clicking on this link.


Every member of CARISMA is invited to the Summer Camp: lower ranked people usually benefit of the high percentage of instructors and high ranked people that help their development and knowledge. There is no charge from CARISMA to participate to this event: just the costs associated to travel, substistence and fun.

What to do next?

Firstly, read the rest of this page which contains details of what to expect from the Summer Camp, travel arrangements, etc.

Then, let us know whether you will be coming or not, by registering your attendance against the Carisma Summer Camp 2010 event on the Carisma Facebook page. If you can’t or won’t use Facebook, use the email address below instead.

Finally (for now), if you have any questions about the camp, send an email to info (at) stating [Summer Camp] in the Subject.

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Provisional Agenda

Date Time Activity
11-8-2010 09:00-21:00 Flight out, travelling, lunch, rest
21:00-late dinner, night out
12-8-2010 09:00-12:00 training by the pool
12:00-19:30 Activities
20:30-late dinner, night out
13-8-2010 09:00-12:00 training by the pool
12:00-19:30 Activities
20:30-late dinner, night out
14-8-2010 9:00-12:00 training by the pool
12:00-19:30 Activities
20:30-late dinner, night out
15-8-2010 09:00-12:00 training by the pool
12:00-19:30 Activities
20:30-late dinner, night out
16-8-2010 9:00-12:00 training by the pool
12:00-19:30 Activities
20:30-late dinner, night out
17-8-2010 Flight back

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In previous years we have reached Csokonyavisonta by flying Stansted to Budapest and renting cars to drive the remainder of the way. A similar journey via Zagreb (HR) is also possible.

This year, flights from Stansted to Graz (A) are available for around 60GBP, while flights to Budapest or Zagreb tend to be 150GBP or more. We therefore anticipate Ryanair flights FR 5732 (12:10 11/08/2010) and FR 5733 (15:40 18/08/2010). Transportation from Graz means renting cars in groups of 3-4 people per car to be arranged once it’s known who is going. Europcar currently has some good rates available for online pre-paid bookings.

The distance between each of these places and the final destination is approximately the same, and it is possible to reach Barcs, near Csokonyavisonta by train from Budapest – this is the recommended backup route for anyone unable to take the flights listed above for some reason.

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  • activities: aim of the Summer Camp apart from training is to have fun: what is described above as Activities can be anything between chilling by the local pool or visiting a nearby town or forest for some hiking: it’s easier agreeing day by day what to do rather than rearranging things later because of weather or other reasons.
  • money: local currency is the Hungarian Forint that changes to the GBP at about 346 (Google 25/06/10) to 1. Try to have plenty of cash with you. The best way to have local currency is carry some GBP cash and change it locally: alternatively you can draw cash with a maestro, delta card or credit card: all ATM are opened to international circuits such as VISA and MASTERCARD. Please do not rely entirely on plastic for payments over the counter because it cannot be assured that bars and rural restaurants will accept them. Changing at the airport in the UK is also possible but surely less convenient.
  • food: Hungarian cuisine is not necessarily the lightest and most balanced in the world. They eat lots of meat, mostly pork, turkey and chicken. The area where we are going is also rich in game so dishes based on venison and wild bore are fairly common. Vegetables are usually very fresh and good. Eating in restaurants costs probably 20-40% of what it costs in the UK. At least one of the nights we’ll have a traditional goulash (or gulyas as it should be correctly spelled). A pint of beer costs between 60p and £1.50 and wine is also very reasonably priced. We let you work out what the budget should be for each of you.
  • vegetarians: given the negligible percentage of vegetarians in Hungary most restaurants do not really have special menus to cater for vegetarians. In any case pizzas are fairly common, salads and vegetables are available everywhere even if they are usually considered side dishes. Fish dishes are also widely available: mostly fresh water fish from the local lakes and rivers.
  • driving: we will have cars so please make sure to carry your driving licence: it makes life easier for everybody if more than one person per car is insured to drive the same vehicle.  Many car rental companies want drivers aged at least 25 and with a full driving license for a number of years: please check with the company you are choosing to avoid bad surprises.
  • Accommodation: the village has a small tourist resort with villas and a Camping: prices for villas will be in the order or £15-20 PP/night: for a couple of pounds you can have breakfast in the nearby restaurant.
  • uniform: we are going to be CARISMA ambassadors abroad therefore everybody’s uniform must be impeccable. CARISMA T-shirt, Gi trousers, belt, shoes. Needless to say that you should carry your full kit of pads.
  • shoes: training will be outdoor, either on concrete or grass so please wear shoes. Martial arts shoes are probably the best solution. If you don’t own a pair of those the any kind of light weight trainers (not high top) will do just fine.
  • sun: middle of August, Hungary: it’s likely to be very hot and sunny. We will be
    training outdoor so don’t forget strong sun protection if you have sensitive skin.
  • clothing: evenings are pretty cool as the village is surrounded by forests: make sure to have reasonable warm clothing and a wind/water proof coat.

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CARISMA at The Martial Arts Show 2010 – video

CARISMA was invited to take part in two demonstrations of Kickboxing and Multicombat at the The Martial Arts Show that was held at the NEC in Birmingham on 22 and 23 May 2010.

TMAS, one of the most important exhibitions of martial arts in Europe, was a great celebration of all martial arts with many workshops, demonstration, competitions and exhibition stands. CARISMA had the opportunity to run two demonstrations at TMAS so a group of members was selected to prepare and perform the short demonstrations that could synthesize the whole essence of our training in just a few minutes and a handful of combinations.

Please have a look at the video:

A big thank you to Georgios Evengelinos, Aaron Lewis, Philip Richardson and Marcia Spoelder for their time and effort to help with the success of these demonstrations. A video of the event is being edited and it will be available soon.

Grading Jun 2010

On Sunday 6 June 2010 9 members of CARISMA passed successufully their grading and were awarded a higher rank: 1 blue second, 1 green second, 1 green, 2 orange second, one orange and 3 yellow belts were awarded.

Congratulations to the individual members!

Former instructor of CARISMA win her first full contact fight

Rebecca Strange, former member and instructor at CARISMA moved to Italy in 2007 after spending five years training and teaching with the club.

Rebecca, 32, managed to continue her training after moving to Milan and kept progressing in her skills until she was recently offered to fight in her first full bout that we won last Saturday 4 June.

Given her high standard of proficiency she was allowed to keep her original grade of 1st Kyu gained from CARISMA in 2006 and she also was offered to grade for her 1st Dan black belt that she completed over the same week end.

Rebecca was very happy for the results and she commented “I am obviously really pleased to have won my first fight here in Milan, particularly since my opponent put up a great fight. The black belt the following day was really the icing on the cake and something I have been looking forward to for a long time. However, the EU championships will be the really big test and I certainly have a lot of training to do before then!”.

Massimo Gaetani, Head Coach and founder of CARISMA added “I am very proud the complete recognition that one of our martial artist managed to receive in a different school and country: Rebecca was a promising student with lots of determination and natural talent when I first saw her in 2002 and I am delighted of her great achievements”.   Rebecca added “although I have been focussing my training more on the full-contact style recently, Massimo Gaetani and Chris Home from CARISMA take a very large part of the credit for having got me this far. No other club I’ve trained at seems to concentrate so much on the essential technical kicking skills.”

The whole of the CARISMA club will be happy to celebrate Rebecca’s achievement the very next time she’ll be visiting Cambridge that we hope will be soon.