Beginners Course June 2009

CARISMA is running a new beginners course, starting on the 18 June to run for 4 consecutives  Thursday  and Tuesday classes (e.g. 18, 23, 25, 30).

If you would like to join (or you know somebody who would like to) please do it on the 18th.

If you would like to advertise our beginners course at your company or your social club please feel free to download and print our flyer at this page.

There is no need for booking for beginners: please just turn up at 6pm at Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall, Queen Anne terrace, Cambridge.

Fees – late payment

Despite regular reminders, there are unfortunately some club members who do not pay their CARISMA monthly fees on time. In order to encourage everyone to make their payment at the beginning of each month, and to keep the club’s cash flow steady, we are introducing a fine for the late payment of fees.

Ideally those who pay by cash/cheque should pay on the first lesson they attend in a given month. We will issue a reminder on the second lesson of the month, and a fine of £10 if they still fail to pay on the third lesson of that month. The fine will also apply to those who pay their fees directly into the CARISMA bank account.

That said, if you find it difficult to remember to bring the money along to lessons, why not switch to paying by standing order? The fees work out £2/month cheaper that way, too 🙂

Grading and social dinner 7 June 2009

Following a well established tradition after the grading session on the 7 June we’ll have a social dinner.  The place will be agreed on the day among the various people participating.

Every member of CARISMA is welcome to participate even if not grading on that day.  Please come along, let’s have fun together and celebrate those that will have gained a new rank.

Training on 25 May 2009

The Manor Community College is closed on bank holidays therefore the sparring session on Monday 25 May 2009 will be held at the Histon Road recreation ground at 5-7PM (instead of 6:30-8:30) if the weather allows it.

In case of rain (or if the grass is wet) we apologise in advance for cancelling the class.

Stretching for kickboxing

High kicks have an arguable use in self defence although they surely display excellent athletic performance and look great.  In kickboxing, particularly in full contact training, many people have adopted techniques that limit kicks level to the waist for power a speed performance: truth is, when a powerful round or hook kick connect to the head it is likely to lead to a KO.

Bill “superfoot” Wallace retired in the early eighties as undefeated world champion in the middle weight of full contact kickboxing. His combat strategy was always based on fantastic kicking techniques that often caught by surprise his opponents and knock them KO.  Wallace was not just good and superfast in kicking but he could shoot double of triple kicks with a single leg, using these techniques in the same way most boxers faint punching techniques.

In this video he shows one of his legendary training exercises to help improving the central split, so useful for side, round and hook kicks: