Training for high side kicks

Side kicks are very powerful techniques and everybody training for any martial art that uses them should try to master this technique and the way of best exploiting its potential.  When I learnt my first kicks in the early eighties it was a time when every kick had to be performed at maximum height, just because.  Within a few years people realized that always kicking high is not necessarily useful so a few kicks, nominally side and front kick were then trained to be at medium level, targeting the chest and the abdomen.

If you are training Kickboxing or Tae kwon Do you should remember that kicks are meant to be targeted at your opponent’s waist and above: if this works well if you are reasonably tall it proves to be quite disadvantageous if you are shorter than average.  In the latter case you must kick well above your waist level just to strike your opponent in an acceptable target.

That is why flexibility should be trained properly and every kick should be done easily, without struggling, at any level.  This video I found on YouTube is simple, home made and essential but it shows a few interesting exercises that will improve flexibility in a way that will be useful for those interesting in performing proper side kicks, at the right height.  As in any stretching exercise do not expect miracles but work out progressively and slowly accepting the fact that a side kick is ultimately an awkward movement and if you are not very flexible it will take a while to improve.  Any comment, positive or negative, will be appreciated.

CARISMA for corporate seminars

CARISMA announces the launch of purpose designed corporate seminars, ideal for team building and alternative fun days with colleagues.  These seminars are called Personal Empowerment Through Martial Arts (PETMA) and their content can be delivered to anybody: age, gender and level of fitness are totally inessential to the full enjoyment and appreciation of any PETMA seminar.

Having tried wine tasting, paintball fighting, bowling, karting and the various other activities available to companies for recreational purposes this is a new, interesting and fascinating way of spending a few hours with friends and colleagues.

PETMA seminars are run by experts in martial arts, certified and fully insured instructors that have natural inclination and skill to convey martial arts techniques and concepts to total beginners.

Anybody can learn a few basic moves in a 4 hours seminar but the main purpose for PETMA is to increase awareness about street safety and, more than anything else, knowing how to avoid trouble rather than fight your way out of it.

For more details about PETMA seminars please check this page. Alternatively please contact us for more information or to book a seminar.

Xmas Dinner 2008

Another year is coming to its end.  Once more it was time for celebrations. With nearly 20 people around the table mixing novices with senior ranks and instructors, excellent food and great company it was surely an event not to missed and we are sorry for those of you that did.

Here are a few of the many pictures (courtesy and Copyright Duncan Grisby 2008) taken during the night: please refer to Duncan Grisby’s web site for the whole collection.