17 good reasons to be at Summer Camp 2009


Copyright and courtesy of Duncan Grisby 2008

Toward the end of the first training session of the Summer Camp 2009 we started chatting during cooling down and we came out with this random list of good reasons to be here:

  1. Fun
  2. Training outside
  3. More time for cosial interaction
  4. Palinka
  5. Know other members better
  6. Training outside
  7. Swimming
  8. Better weather
  9. Goulash
  10. Training away from everyday’s distractions
  11. Holiday with a bit of training
  12. Kickboxing
  13. Socializing
  14. Lots of clever people to have interesting, sometimes geeky, conversations
  15. Thermal SPA
  16. Better bonding on a personal level with some members of the club
  17. Alternative training sessions

Best wishes to those that are back in Cambridge from the Summer Camp 2009 group: Mark, Adam, Heley, Georgios, Linda, Ronnit, Wez, Chris W., Andrea and Massimo.

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